Top Tips

Remember to have fun and choose an activity you enjoy. Exercising should be fun and not a chore and you will be more likely to stick with it if you enjoy the activity. Here are some questions you can think about before choosing a routine:

  • What physical activities do I enjoy?
  • Do I prefer group or individual activities?
  • What programmes best fit my schedule?
  • Do I have physical conditions that limit my choice of exercise?
  • What goals do I have in mind? (losing weight, strengthening muscles, or improving flexibility, for example)

Gradually increase your activity level, especially if you have not been exercising regularly.

Wait at least 90 minutes after eating a meal before exercising.

Remember to drink regularly when active

Wear comfortable clothing when active and if this includes outdoor activities make sure you dress appropriately.

Take time to include a 5-minute warm-up, including stretching exercises, before any aerobic activity and include a 5 – 10 minute cool down after the activity. Stretching can be done while standing or sitting.

Plan your exercise sessions; they can be at the same time every day, such as in the mornings when you have more energy.

Make sure that you vary what you do.

Exercise at a steady pace. Keep a pace that allows you still to talk during the activity.

Stick with it. If you exercise regularly, it will soon become part of your lifestyle. Make exercise a lifetime commitment. Finding an exercise ‘buddy’ will also help you stay motivated.

Keep an activity diary 


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