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There are many ways to get active in Wiltshire. Whether you’re looking for a new activity, wanting to join a club, or just wanting to find out about opportunities near you, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Use the tabs at the top to find sports clubs & groups, events and facilities in Wiltshire. You can also find out why keeping active is important to leading a healthy lifestyle in our 'Why become active' section.

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Why become active? How active are you?

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Get Active in Wiltshire

There are many ways to get active in Wiltshire. Whatever your level of fitness, whether you are involved in clubs or want to simply improve your health, we are here for you! Sign up, track your activity, start a food plan & more

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Start a food plan

Keep a food diary and log what you eat and drink during each day, tracking the number of calories you eat can help you with a healthier diet. Log it all here.

Calculate BMI

Check your BMI to see if you are a healthy weight. Make sure you know your weight and height before you start. Log it all here.

Activity diary

You may be more active than you think. Make all of the activities during the day count; you’ll be surprised how much you do. Log it all here. Log it all here.


Are you able to complete the challenge? Walk your way around Wiltshire, visiting interesting towns and attractions. Log it all here.

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#StopSayingTomorrow and do something amazing today. Commit to a more active lifestyle, for you or / and your family and reap the rewards. Greater self confidence, improved self esteem, better sleep, improved body image, strengthened immune system, better concentration, improved mental state....all these things are benefits of a more active lifestyle!

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Could you be more active?
  • Could you walk to the shops, go swimming with the kids once a week, sign up for a local 5km parkrun event, join a leisure centre...find something that suits you, keep an activity diary and step up to your new challenge!
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